Emily K.

Originally from a small town in southeastern Kentucky, Emily came to Lexington in 2012 to attend the University of Kentucky and ended up staying after she graduated. She has loved animals ever since she was a kid, and knew that she wanted to do something to help them when she grew up. Emily began her vet tech career at another practice in 2021, and transferred to Banks to build up her experience and learn as much as possible. She is motivated to treat everyone with compassion, and make her patients feel super comfortable. Her goal is to also make our clients feel heard regarding their animals’ needs, and to make sure every pet leaves our hospital happy and healthy!

Emily and her fiancé have a lively bunch of pets, including 7 house cats (Draco Meowfoy, Chancellor, Azula, Ember, Mavis, Flint, and Chrome), 3 feral cats (Sunny, Ansem and Spicy), a puppy named Eevee, a ferret named Finneas, and 2 rats, Yuki and Machi. Even outside of work, Emily’s personal interests involve animals. She fosters cats and kittens for a couple of rescues in the area. She also loves to read and write, putting her BA in English to good use.